The Anglican Church of Southern Africa

Season of Creation

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How did it start?
Since its inception in 2002 the Network of Earthkeeping Christian Communities in South Africa (NECCSA) has encouraged its members and other churches to celebrate Environment Sunday on an annual basis on the Sunday closest to World Environment Day (June 5th). The South African Coucil of Churches (SACC) agreed in February 2007 that a Season of Creation should be included in their SACC calendar.  
Why Season of Creation?

In a 2008 NECCSA newsletter, the Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa wrote, “In adopting ‘The Season of Creation’ we are affirming that we are choosing the option of flourishing humanity with flourishing creation . . . . My prayer is that this may enhance our worship of God, deepen our comprehension of God as Creator, and broaden our understanding of what it means to be stewards of creation.”

When is it celebrated?
For six Sundays in Ordinary time. 
What resources are available? 

The Anglican Church of Southern Africa has created liturgical and educational material for a six Sunday worship program that celebrates God’s creation. These Season of Creation liturgies focus on biodiversity, land, water, climate change, need not greed, and stewardship. 

Visit the websites listed above to learn more or download the Season of Creation Booklet to use in your congregation!