Below are sermons connecting the good news of God and the care of God’s creation.
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Caring for Creation, on the ELCA Social Statement

I Thirst, an eco-reflection dialogue sermon by two middle school students for Good Friday, including the need for clean water.

Earth Day Every Sunday by Nick Utphall
It’s All God’s Vineyard, by Larry Henning, for Wartburg Seminary

And God Pitched a Tent by Leah Schade for a church camping retreat
Here is a sermon preached by Dr. Peter Bakken, Director of Wisconsin Interfaith Power & Light, for what had been the annual interfaith Preach-In on climate change.  The event is now the “Faith Climate Action Week,” scheduled for Earth Week.  Visit for resources.Earth and Word: Classic Sermons on Saving the Planet, ed. David Rhoads (Continuum, 2007)
A collection of 36 inspiring sermons by preachers, theologians, and biblical scholars.

Eating the Roots (pdf) by Mike Anderson (Luther Place Memorial Church in Washington, D.C.)
The Choir of All Creation (pdf) by Tanya Barnett
Living Simply: Imperative Now (pdf) by Shantilal Bhagat
Finding Our Place (pdf) by Carolyn Bush
Caring for the Earth Rests in the Heart of God (pdf) by Paul W.F. Harms

Feeding Hope by Kristi Holmberg
Matter Matters (pdf) by Barbara Lundblad
Making Our Lord’s Supper (pdf) by Morris Niedenthal 
Costly Offerings (pdf) by Katharine Preston

Rebuilding the Vineyard by Leah Schade, 2011

The Care of the Earth (pdf) by Joseph Sittler

A Sermon for Animal Day (pdf) by Mark Swanson

Lord, Help our Unbelief by Gil Waldkoenig
Living Faithfully in the Cosmos: Environmental Reflections for Disciples of Christ (pdf) by Dorothy Jean Weaver
Hands On: A Faith to Handle, Taste, and Touch (pdf) by Dorothy Jean Weaver
Oceans: Protect, Prevent, Restore God’s Creation by Marcy Wieties
Several sermons by Nick Utphall by clicking here
Invasive Species? 
by Susan Zencka, liturgy and sermon for Planet Earth Sunday, 2006