Wondering what to say, or how this might work in your own preaching?

Click the image to find a video of David Rhoads’ sermon at Luther Seminary.
(The “gospel reading from 2nd Corinthians” begins about five minutes into the video.)

Here are further links of other resources to help integrate creation concerns and celebrations into your sharing of the word: Commentaries/ Reflections on the Three Year Common Lectionaries Series

Links to a variety of commentaries and commentators who include these themes in ongoing reflections throughout the liturgical year.
A fairly comprehensive annotated bibliography of books that read the Bible with an ecological accent.
A collection of more sermons as a guide for you.  We are always eager to add to the list and offer more resources, if you have sermons to share.
The week around Earth Day is regularly sponsored by Interfaith Power & Light as Faith Climate Action Week (formerly known as the Preach-In on Global Warming).  You can find materials for preaching and observing the week and sign up to participate at the website: www.faithclimateactionweek.org/