Observe an Energy SabbathEach year, on a Saturday evening in March, the world observes Earth Hour. This is a time when everyone is to “turn out the lights” as a symbolic gesture promoting our need to conserve energy and lower our carbon footprint. The program began in Australia and has spread throughout the world. Electronic and print media anticipate the event and then report its happening by showing the lights going out throughout huge office complexes as the managers turn the lights off.

Actually, it is a practice we ought to be observing throughout the year. The experience makes us realize how much we unnecessarily leave our electricity on throughout our home, businesses, companies, and government buildings and grounds.  There are two forms of energy reduction: efficiency and conservation. Let’s try conservation: turn out lights, TVs, radios, computers, and other appliances when not needed and not in use. On a regular basis, try observing your own Earth Hour or an Energy Sabbath—when, for an hour or a morning or evening or even a full day, you simply turn everything off and enjoy reflective solitude or spend time in conversation with others or take time to relish nature.