National forests are located in forty of fifty states in the US. Find those that are near to you. Consider spending time at a forest near you. Pick up a forest guide. Carry it in one hand and hold a Bible in the other hand. Read the creation accounts from Genesis 1 and 2. Remember the garden in Eden, the forest garden and the God-charged responsibility for humanity to serve as guardians of the forests.

Take a walk and notice all that is pleasing to your sight, sense of smell, and the touch of your hand. Check the forest guide before picking and tasting any berries! You will be moved by the forest to praise God not only for the forests of Earth, but also for all of creation and your life to witness its goodness and abundance. You might be rejuvenated by the flame of the Holy Spirit and motivated to take actions that protect and sustain forests. Let this be the message you carry along with Smokey Bear’s.

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