European Christian Environmental Network

Creation Time

How did it start? 
In Europe, the European Christian Environmental Network chose the four Sundays of September as an appropriate time to celebrate creation and to come to terms with the current environmental crisis. They designated September as Creation Time, a season recently endorsed by the Third European Ecumenical Assembly and celebrated, for example, by the Bishop of London at St Paul’s Cathedral. 
Why Creation Time?
“For some years the ECEN has promoted the idea of a special time set apart in the church year for the celebration of the Creator and the Creation. The theme of creation is, of course, omnipresent in Christian worship. But there are good reasons to single out a special period of time during which creation should receive special attention. In many churches special worship events related to creation take place during the months of September and October. There are harvest festivals, Saint Francis Day, and more recently, the proposal of the Ecumenical Patriarch to celebrate September 1st as a day of “thanksgiving for the great gift of creation and petitions for its preservation and healing.” The Creation Time proposed by ECEN seeks to link these days to one another and to increase their impact on the churches’ life.” (Our Responsibility to Future Generations, 2003)
When is it celebrated? 
From September 1 to the second Sunday in October. 
What resources are available? 
Every year the ECEN offers churches in Europe multilingual liturgical material on themes related to God’s creation for use during the “Creation Time.” Browse through the liturgy section of their website to view and download resources in English, German and French!
Resources available include:      Liturgies
                                                    Bible Studies
                                                    Statements of Faith