This year, we have requested sermons from different preachers. Each was asked to contribute a sermon and to prepare a handout with a list of actions and exercises parishioners might do as a response to the sermon.
Nick Utphall, pastor of Advent Lutheran Church of Madison Christian Community in Madison, WI, also serves as director and coordinator of this website.
Marcy Wieties is support pastor of Emmaus Lutheran Church in Racine, WI and Counselor for the Racine County Housing Authority.
Jeffrey Wild, retired pastor is the author (with Peter Bakken) of Church on Earth: Grounding Your Ministry in a Sense of Place (Augsburg-Fortress, 2009).

The Second Sunday in the Season of Creation in Year A: Land Sunday
       While we don’t have a land sermon on the texts for the Season of Creation, here are two sermons with the general theme:
        “The Right to Love the land” by Neddy Astudillo
        “The Glad Soil Rejoices” by John Paarlberg