The United Church of Canada

Resources for Celebrating Creation Time:

Season of Creation in a Box: a free toolkit from Green Churches Network with activities, prayers, a calendar and more.  See also the downloadable “practical calendar.”

Three-Year Resources to Celebrate Creation Time: For years A, B, and C.

Themes of Sundays, lectionary lessons, and liturgical resources.
Hymns of Creation in Canadian Hymnals:  Lists of creation hymns from the United Church of Canada and the Presbyterian Church in Canada
Contributions from congregations and denominationsLiturgies, sermons, worship resources, and educational materials for the Season of Creation.
Archive of Creation Time for Year C in 2010Liturgies, sermon notes, and creative suggestions for five Sundays.



Creation Time
How did it start?
In 2009, the United Church of Canada passed a resolution urging churches to celebrate Creation Time during five Sundays in the Pentecost season. The Sundays are organized around the theme: “What is Creation Saying to us?” The weekly celebrations focus on such messages as: “Share my Abundance,” “Delight in me,” and “Walk Lightly on me.” The United Church provides liturgical resources for congregations and have chosen the color orange and designed a stole for the celebration of Creation Time.
When is it celebrated?
For five Sundays (September-October) in the Pentecost season.
A liturgical color and symbol for Creation Time

Using a designated liturgical orange, this Creation Time stole is embroidered with a creation symbol on one side and the crest of the United Church of Canada on the other. The orange of the fabric represents the conquering of sin, a time of harvest and fruitfulness, and the strength of autumn. 


In the foreground is an Elm Tree, recalling the two trees of Genesis and Revelation. It is a symbol of faithfulness. One of the larger trees in North America, and living up to 300 years, the elm is marked by prominent root flares which are essential for the tree’s very life. A few large upright limbs support many outwardly fanning branches and leaves. Elms appear strong and healthy but are under tremendous stress when surrounded by sidewalks, houses, power lines or polluted air. There is much we can do to help.


Flowing within and outside the Elm tree is a blue Circle, a symbol of God’s eternity. It is blue, the color of the sky and heaven and symbolic of wisdom and clarity.
A Cross of gold (worth, splendor, wealth and Jesus’ ‘royalty’) fills the Circle, both within and outside the Tree. It is an alisee patee cross, recalling the consecration cross of the very ancient church and thus the holiness of life. It also reminds us of a Celtic cross whose spirituality maintains the intricate link between humanity and nature. The square at the intersection of the cross recalls God as Mystery.
The four colors also represent the four elements of creation: earth (brown), air (white), fire (orange) and water (blue).
The stole is available for purchase at United Church Resources Distribution. To order now, click here